interior design and ceramics

After many years as an interior designer, I trained as a ceramicist and currently combine my two professions. I always work with my keywords, simplicity, genuine and sustainable. When it comes to my ceramics, I want it to be seen that it is hands that have touched, shaped and completed each object. I am also passionate about us living a more beautiful everyday life where you surround yourself with things that there is a lot of care behind, which tells a story. 


I have a studio in an old Spinneri south of Gothenburg. Here I make unique objects that are signed. All different and made on request or for exhibitions. The sketch work for new models is usually done at the turntable and then supplemented with drawings, sent to my factory in Hanoi. Or I go there and work with them.


I get many questions about how I produce and my attitude to sustainability. Which makes me happy because it means we all want to contribute to better world.
My attitude is that everyone can do something and since I get help with production, I also have a great responsibility for the environment and people. I have chosen to put my production in a workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam. The factory is owned by Ms Hang's seventh generation ceramic manufacturers. It is enriching and very educational to be able to work together with skilled craftsmen and also get an idea of ​​what it is like to be a woman in a completely different culture. 65% of the factory's employees are women and the factory has been CSR marked for 15 years. Ms. Hang is constantly working to improve and refine her work environment and techniques. Since my production is not only "locally produced" due to difficulty in producing in Sweden, it feels important and right that I know that my production pays off for many women which leads to their children receiving education and work.

"I know that my customers can see and feel the handmade touch and appreciate the work that lies behind."