I get many questions about how I produce and my attitude to sustainability. Which makes me happy because it means we all want to contribute to better world.
My attitude is that everyone can do something and because I get help with production I also have a great responsibility for the environment and people.
I have chosen to put my production in a workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam. The factory is owned by Ms Hang's seventh generation ceramic producers and her sister owns a factory that produces teapots for the Japanese market.
It is enriching and very educational to get to work with talented craftsmen and also get to know what it is like to be a woman in a completely different culture. 65% of the factory's employees are women and the factory has been CSR marked for 15 years. Ms Hang is constantly working to improve and refine the working environment and techniques. 
Since my production is not only "locally produced" due to the difficulty of producing in Sweden, it feels important and right that I know that my production gives wages to many women who lead their children to receive education and work.
Sometimes there is time to discover Hanoi while we wait for samples to dry or burn. In the picture below, I am with Hoa, the production manager in the factory that shows me Old Town. After the production is finished, my order is shipped by ship for about five weeks.
Sustainable products
We work in an exclusive porcelain clay that is very durable. When you burn porcelain, it contracts and becomes compact and very hard. This means that the products can handle both dishwasher, microwave oven and a lot of bumps. 
My vision is to design items that have durability in both quality and design. Classic Scandinavian shapes and colors and also important is that you can see and feel that it is hands that created a fine craft. Products that last for generations.