Kajsa has a passion for craftsmanship with simple, genuine and durable design. The touch of the artist's hands is visible in each product, making them personal and unique. 

-The poignant and poetic together with the practical, makes your everyday life more beautiful.

Kaja's inspiration comes from the Scandinavian nature that surrounds her home. Nature is filled with palettes of shades and endless shapes. Kajsa hopes to inspire people to explore their creativity when they combine the ceramic products into what they want it to be. For some it is a lantern, for others it is a vase.

Kajsa Cramer has a background as an interior designer and stylist for about 17 years. She has also been responsible for her own interior design shop and has worked as a florist. Her studio is located in Lindome, south of Gothenburg, in an old spinning mill from the early 1900s.