Unique objects, signed.

When I create unique objects, I focus on feeling and desire. Usually when I am with my smiling supplier all ideas come. These items are signed and there is only one of a kind. Here you will find some pictures of what I did.

Sustainable future Reading Unique objects, signed. 2 minutes
Signed objects

In my workshop I make many prototypes but also unique objects that I sign. I go a lot on desire and feeling. Creates based on what I feel for the moment. Here I can also experiment and play with different types of clays and glazes. It is time consuming because all clays and glazes are different and it takes time before you get the result I have a vision of. Different techniques are also fun, I usually mix between turning, rolling, twisting in the same object. 

Most often it is special orders for exclusive shops / public environment or an exhibition. Even private individuals order, I have noticed a great demand for these items and at present it is difficult to keep up. If you are interested in a collaboration or order, keep in mind that it takes about 4 months in delivery time.

So a unique item comes directly from my workshop and is the only copy. Handmade, genuine and honest.


Brown-black vase in stoneware, turned and curled.



White porcelain vase turned, Brown-black stoneware vase, turned

Vase turned and curled, dishes in two sizes all rolled in a red stoneware clay with a lot of chamotte
White dish in porcelain clay, rolled

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