The Scandinavian


fade colors

less is more

inspired by nature

natural materials

Design by

Kajsa Cramer

Sustainable future

"I think it is important that we surround ourselves with beautiful things in our everyday lives. Sustainability for me is to produce with responsibility in high quality and classic design. Products that last for generations."

-Kajsa Cramer

Glow & Bloom

The collection with the thin crispy edges is turned in delicate porcelain clay, meets an organic and raw design which is an exciting contrast. The thin edge has become Kajsa Cramer´'s signature.

one pieces

sign by Kajsa Cramer

Durable and durable

dishwasher and microwave

mix and match

to your own personal tableware

Pre-order ceramics.

This year has been a challenge for all of us. The world has changed, for better or for worse. It has affected my production and availability of raw materials, and an unexpectedly good sale since July. We have not had time ... I am very grateful to everyone who buys my ceramics and values ​​service and safe deliveries. Therefore, it is a pity that I can not offer my entire range right now. But persevere, the filling will come in November. It's okay to PRE-ORDER if you want to be sure to get by November delivery. Or feel free to sign up for the newsletter and I will send information when I have ceramics in stock again. Thanks again, and take care of yourself!

Kajsa Cramer

in the studio